Morning, or evening?

Drunk Asian chick: What time is it?

Guy reading Harry Potter, two inches from his face: It's about 6:30.

DAC: Morning, or evening?

In front of Spyhouse.

Coke and Pepsi, Yen and Zen

There's a Coke Zero commercial currently airing on my local radio station. Basically the idea of the conversation is: This dude likes Coke Zero, but doesn't realize that no self respecting restaurant is going to replace any of their better selling products with Coke Zero. Needless to say, when the waitress appears and asks him what he wants to drink, of course he asks for Coke Zero.

"Would a Pepsi be ok?" she asks.

"No," he says. Then, in so many words he adds, "I'm a big pompous ass, and everywhere I go, I'll order Coke Zero. Even after reading the menu to see if you have choices listed, I'm probably going to ask you for Coke Zero anyway."

The watiress is stunned, "Wha?"

"And because I'm such a fucker, I carry Yen around with me, just so I can make a point. So, I'm going to ask you, 'What would you do if I said I wanted to pay in Yen?"

"We don't accept Yen," she replies back.

In his pre-recorded, dickface voice, he replies, "And I don't accept Pepsi. Even if that was all you had on the menu."

Biting her nails this whole time, the waitress doesn't even want to say anything more. She builds up the courage to ask him the only question she knows the answer to, "Is this going to affect my tip?"

"It will if you bring me a Pepsi, you Coke Zero Nazi."

Of course it won't affect her tip, because she wasn't getting one in the first place. Assholes like that who are so stingy that they have to ask for the only soda brand that a restaurant doesn't carry don't tip. No matter how good the service was. He should be thankful that the waitress even bothered to ask him if Pepsi was ok, because most waitresses/bartenders wouldn't.

Coke Zero-Guy should be kicked in his Coke Zero-nuts, and kicked the fuck out. Then he should be told that the next time he wants to buy a one-trick-pony of a soda pop again he should go try some fast food joint where they let you get your own goddamn drinks.


Sprint and the pursuit of happiness.

Sprint is kicking my ass. False termination fees, unable to port my number. I can't elaborate on it too much, because it will just bring back bad memories of last night and this morning.

Long story short...I found out last night that I was being charged a $200 early termination fee. Turns out my account which ended on 7/10/07 actually ends some time in 2008. Now...I've since ported my number to a Tracfone, and then to a new Sprint account under their SERO plan (longer story as to why that had to happen). So I called Sprint's customer service over the course of last night and this morning. Roughly 3 hours later (I can't even stress how I'm not even close to exaggerating about this), 6 customer service people (when I got through), 3 of which didn't speak an English I could understand, and 3 dropped calls later. I didn't get anything resolved. When I did get to someone who I thought could help me, the call dropped.

Now, I'm back to two separate accounts with Sprint, my old account apparently has been adjusted back to a two year agreement (to end in '09 sometime), and my SERO account, which I totally love.

There's so much more to this than I want to tell right now.


Yeah. Kind of reminds me of this company.

Me: "Andy. Your tits are sweating again."

Andy: "Bob! Geo's pointing out my faults again!"

Bob: "Yeah. Kind of reminds me of this company."

Kill me. Please.


Can't sleep. Way too hot in my apartment, and just too darn hot in bed. Caroline's passed out. I'm so jealous of her for that. She says she's tired, and 5 minutes later, she's out. Me? I say I'm tired, and if I'm lucky, I'm out in an hour. Totally unfair.

That and I've been worried about money lately. Nothing too bad, but the goddamned parking tickets I got aren't helping, and rent is due, and I have a lousy job, and, and, and....

I need to change things. Now.


Caroline coloring.

Here is Caroline coloring in a HP fan to commemorate our time spent waiting in line, then leaving to get some food, then coming back to buy a book.

Yay commerce!

I did have a good time, however.


Harry Potter and th..Jesus Christ, what am I doing at Barnes and Noble at midnight?

Really? I'm going to the Harry Potter book release shindig at midnight at my local Barnes and Noble with Caroline.

First off, I don't read books much, let alone any of the HP books. Secondly, I'm not much for late night gatherings that interfere with my sleep.

That being said, I do, however, have a morbid curiosity as to the kind of people that do attend these functions. As a member of the superhero fanclub, I can appreciate these kind of things. I expect the antics to be of a different variety, though.

I recall the first Spider-Man movie. There was a dude in full costume, including silly-string web-shooters. But that was pretty much it. I don't remember anybody with knives attached to their knuckles for X-Men, or seeing any capes for Superman Returns (although there were a lot of t-shirts with the "S" logo, including my friend's)

Potter, on the other hand...hoh-boy.

I can only fathom what this will be like. It'll be halloween, all over again for some kids. Potter's glasses, eyeliner scars, mom's hand knit scarf, Ron's red hair, Hermione's cob-web hair, Hogwart's Emblem, Snape's evil stare, Dumbledore's beard, Hagrid's girth, Voldemort's nose. I imagine that almost everyone will be wearing some form of accessory to prove their devotion to the biggest thing since Choose Your Own Adventure.

Me? I was planning on going as Harry Potter at 30 years old. It wouldn't be much of a difference, but I think the kids wouldn't be happy with it.


Installed the Flock browser today

Looks good. I like the insta-publish it's offering. It'll take a while to play with all the features, but to quote Ronald McDonald, "I'm lovin' it!"


13 going on 30?

Although it feels more like Big, than TGOT. At least that's how I'd like it to be. Even to be 10% as charming as Tom Hanks, or to tap out Chopsticks with Robert Loggia, or even make out with a young Elizabeth Perkins.

I'm not old. I don't feel old. I refuse to be old. I know old people, and they suck. People start having kids, getting married. Big mistake.

Today's quick movie review.
Transformers: 8/10
Fun movie, neat cars, the chick is hot, "Autobots, roll out!", 'nuff said!