dolphin bubble rings

I can't get over how amazing this is, and how playful the dolphin is with the rings. I love it.

losing my lid

I'm moving up to Andover. So, in one of many stages of the "movement", I brought all my board games there. They were in the back of my truck. As I’m going down 280, sure as shit, I see CRANIUM fly out of the box. I’m like…FUCK MY ASS. I can’t believe the entire goddamn game blew out of the back of my truck. I saw people swerve to get out of its way and everything. Whoops.

I pull off at the exit past energy park drive and inspect my losses. Well, only the cover blew off, and it was the cover to the non special edition, so…not a huge loss. After I saw that it was just the cover, I was a little better.

I rearranged my belongings to prevent future unauthorized flights and drove off again. We all made it home safe and sound.

I think it landed open side down. It's probably thinking to itself, "Man, this is awesome. Hopefully someone will stop to pick me up thinking I'm the entire game. When they finally grab me, BAM! They'll realize that I'm not the real game. Haha."

I was going to write something else after the "BAM", but I chose not to.


rrr wwwww

Have you ever thought about why we call them the 5 W’s, even though one starts with an “H” (I get the logic, but still).

That, and have you ever thought that of the Three R’s we were taught in school, only one starts with an “R”? I guess the

WTF? No wonder other countries are smarter than we are.

Pirates should be the only ones who are allowed to use three "arr's", in my opinion.



I had 5 visits to this site yesterday! Although this doesn't even come close to the most hits in one day (6), this is still monumental. I'm curious as to why, but I'm not going to argue.

That being said, I did notice that someone came to my site using the keywords "camel toe youngsters". Granted, I did have a post referring to "Camel Toads"...but I don't know where the youngsters came from. I swear.


I'm gonna change professions

This one seems to pay better than what I'm making now. And I can meet so many interesting people.


Dog + Computer

Ok. Maybe I want this dog. If only to try and kick it over a bunch of times:

Dog vs. Computer

I don't know if I want the dog, or the machine, or both. I think one compliments the other:


Beware the Camel Toads

This kind of stuff writes itself.


Death Loves Nickelodeon

He does.

Disney: scarring the minds of youngsters FOREVER

Disney on Ice, more specifically. Seriously...I can buy "Peter Pan on Ice", "The Incredibles on Ice"( Frozone, Anybody?) and even "High School Musical on Ice", but Walt Disney must be spinning in his cryogenic chamber right now. (haha...Walt On Ice)

That's right. "Finding Nemo on Ice". Now, I'm not balking at how ridiculous the concept is. (Fish on skates?) My worries stem from my first and ONLY impression of the show that I've seen in the commercials shown:

The eyes on some of the costumes look like boobs.

Trust me:

Pictured above are Dorry and Nemo, with crazy leg fins outstretched, and strangely weird, nightmare inducing eye boobs.


And if that's not frightening enough, it looks like some of Dorry's friends have fishface torsos:This has gotta stop, Disney. If I see friggin "Cars on Ice", I'm gonna flip.


How to get your Facebook account deleted...

Just do this!

I mean, it seems pretty easy. It looks like there's a lot of preparation to do in order to get it taken care of.

I'm going to go harass someone right now!


it's what you say that kills you...

Well...more like the language you use, according to this site.