Smarties do not live up to their name.

"I'm going to open these Smarties to let them breathe. Like a fine glass of wine."


Today's quote of the day:

Company Accountant: "You sure are the optimist!"

C-Dog: "It beats being a
pestimist. That can be bad for your health."



If I could use one word to describe today's "Total Co-worker Experience", that word would be pathetic. She's been in the office for 30 minutes, and I'm already annoyed. I personally think that there's people out there who go above and beyond their means to let people know they're sick, and I think my co-worker is one of them. I'm talking excessive coughing and wheezing, and that pathetic voice people use when they call in sick.

Maybe I'm easily irked. Who knows? But when I get told, "Hey, I'm gonna work as long as I possibly can today," I just wanna backhand her to next Tuesday.

Right now, it seems like today is one of those "Test my Patience" days. We have this ancient systems used for entering orders, and it beeps at us for various reasons; errors, file sharing issues, pricing, entry errors...etc... I'm willing to bet that she makes her computer beep, on average, more than twice as often than anybody else in the building. Not that it's entirely her fault, but I'd like to blame her on this one.

But if this goddamned pathetic sick voice continues much longer, I may just tweak out.