you know who else ate everybody he killed?

From the Fark headline:
Eliza Dushku: "I like bow-hunting. I eat everything I kill." PETA: "You know who else ate everyone he killed?"


I didn't get much further in the comments, but the first one is the best. I chuckled.


I learned something new today

I learned that no matter how hard I try, I cannot jam a Dum-Dum brand lollipop up my nose.

Unless I suck on it for about 20 minutes.


do you know what's loud?

the goddamn click wheel on my mouse at work. Seriously. It sounds like I'm toppling dominoes every single time I scroll down a webpage. They need to make a "stealth mouse" or something.

I know I read somewhere that you can actually take/remove/modify the click mechanism, but that involves tools, time and patience. At the same time, and I usually run at two out of three.

I swear...it echoes.


surfer's guilt

I just recently (2 minutes ago) took into consideration the fact that some people out there have nicely added my blog to their list of blogs the enjoy reading. Then I realized that I don’t even have the common courtesy to update it on a regular basis. For that I apologize. For everything else, I make zero apologies. NONE.


I’m not even going to say that I’ve been busy, because I really haven’t.


There really hasn’t been that much to write about, and then I’ve been trying to be better at being on the internet at work. Less internet means less time available for posting stuff, which means more time to do, um, my job. Surfer’s guilt.


I’m on the last legs of having a cold though, and with a great cold comes great responsibility. For instance, if you have a beard that includes a moustache, as I do, you run the risk of difficulty while blowing your nose. Since the hairs of the moustache lie directly below the nostrils, the chance of snot catching in those hairs is HUGE. It’s gross, I know, but it only lasts for a week. But gals…think about that before you lick your man’s moustache. Or grow your own.




I’m so glad this show is on. I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to do on Wednesday nights anymore. Seriously. Could this show be any more intriguing and well written?




Accident Orange

I usually make it in before the sun rises, so it was a nice bright treat to see the sun before I got into work. What was really cool about it was this flare that rose above the sun. Where the sun was a bright yellow, the flare was “Accident Orange”…and rose what seemed like miles above the sun.
Also, there were 2 flares, equidistant from the sun that looked like a broken version of a rainbow. It only had 2 colors, orangish red and yellowish orange. It looked like it was formed from the billions of snow/steam/ice/rain particles that were floating very close to the ground. Close is a relative term, as I actually mean maybe at the highest point it was 200 feet high.
If I wasn’t already late for work, and filled with road rage, I probably would have taken a picture. If I had my camera with me, of course.
I’m including a drawing, which doesn’t even come close to what I saw:


it's official

website domain has been purchased. blog's been set up (but we all know that it will barely be updated).

Pretty soon, Fossil Fuel Lad will be alive and well and thriving on the internets!

Oh...don't bother clicking the link quite yet...there's nothing on it, save for a link back to this site. Ha.