Before I decide to start any more projects:

I need to finish the ones I’ve already started.

The list goes as follows:

  1. Finish printing 10 more Khan shirts, print off some posters/textiles…experiment. then erase the screen and design something new.
  2. Make a Handbook for the Recently Diseased. (Deceased. It’s Recently Deceased.)
  3. Finish that stupid “Hidden book/Ipod cubby.
  4. Make more magnets.
  5. Finish side pegboard video game controller holder. This means put the contact paper on it, and everything.
  6. Figure out everything else that’s not on this list, then add it to this list, before any new ideas get formed. They’re addictive, and I like to think of them more than I like to finish them.


I work with a bunch of Sickos

Seriously. Now, I get sick. Everybody gets sick. But, why is everybody else sick except for me? I've got the "Constant Cougher", the "Polite Cougher", the "Force-the-phlegm-out-of-your-throat Hacker", the "Always Sniffler"...the list isn't endless, but it's long.

I will never claim to be the healthiest, but it would be so nice to not have to have the soundtrack of mucus permeating through the cubes.